Mombasa, Kenya

  - Is English the main language in your country?

English is the official language of business in my country. All subjects are taught in English apart from the local National language, which is taught in Kiswahili. Any office or business they communicate in English.

2- Do you use English at school only?

It is use in all places. It is a class language so anyone who wants to look posh speaks English. Many people in two school speaks English. In the village school they speak their mother tongue. Sometimes some school punish students who speak their mother tongue. They try to encourage the students to speak English. In all the international school there are many dialets like in ours we have Germany, Dutch, Chinese, Italian and many more. But the official language of communication is English.

3 How often do you use English during the day?

Most of the time we use English. However when we are out in the market or commuting in public transport we use Kiswahili because that is what people use out there. Even at home with our grandparents we speak our mother tongue. English is what we speak most.

4 What kind of English do you have?

We speak the queens English. With the movies coming some people, speak American English. We also have a dialect among the youth called sheng. This is a mix of English and the local languages like the say Paro to mean Parent. It is derived from English e.g Frendo ….. Yes from the word Friend, Hao from House and so on

5- Where do you use English more?

In school and when doing official work e.g. when I have been sent to offices etc.

6- When did you start using English?

Basically we all started at kindergarten that is when we were 4 year Old. But some of us who grew in the village schools started to speak when they were 10 that is class five primary

7- What are the difficulties you face while learning English?

We don’t face any difficulties because we started in ling when we were small. However some things like writing long paper literature and poems they are hard to analyze.

8- Do you have private institutions for learning English? Examples if Yes.


9- Does your family encourage you to use it? Why? Why not?

No, Its part of our communication

10- Why English is important for you?

I can read many English articles all my examination is in English

Mr. Gioko’s Diploma Class