In my country, “Morocco" English is the third language in the educational system, after Arabic and French, and is taught to students from the age of reality i use English not only at school but also with some of my friends.
The english is the international language, its a common language for worldwide, so it is very important not only for me, but also for every one.This is only the language you can use where ever you go all over the world.



2- Ibtihal FADILI

English is becoming very important by the time: It is the major language of news and information in the world. It is a business language of, goverment, and diplomacy much in some countries where it is a minority language.Information books, magazines and newspapers written in English are at hand, in many countries around the world. The most commonly used language in sciences and research.
In addition, it is very important for international travel.

3- Lahbib MAHMOUD

English is a language of communication both in and out of school. On the Internet, there are those who consider it as a language of business administration. This language, for me, is very important it links between the different corners oif the world. Also helps to exchange the infomation technology and develop the capacity in learning and every life stage


As English is important to me and for they other because of many reason; more people than any other language speak first English all over the world, more people speak English. Moreover, English is the international language of diplomacy, business, science, technology, banking, computing, medicine, aviation , engineering, tourism, Hollywood films and arguably the best pop and rock music in the world. English has plenty of words to choose from. In fact, an English speaker is offered the biggest vocabulary of any language
English can be fun too. For instance, the music of such stars as Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, and Madonna has encouraged fans to speak the language of their idols, while others have enrolled in English classes to improve their understanding of the dialogue in films and TV shows.
Finally, studying English at school, college, or university, make you develop your skills in writing reading and speaking in terms of communication, if you cannot speak the language. Spoken English is used in the best careers, the best universities, and is increasingly being used at job interviews. So like it or not, English is a very important language to learn how to speak.


My story with English began from 15 years i was bad in English but i knoew that is the world language in a few new years. I start studying English in my high school. At first, it was so difficult and after I took some stories and read them. Therefore, in my second years I did some extra-hours to improve my situation. It was very simple because the teacher was perfect. In addition, I listen to English music to learn more words and improve my vocabulary.

6- Lamia HAMOUCH

Imagine if people did not study English. How would people be speaking and learning today? In order to sound educated and literate people need throughly study English. It is also heavily needed in the business world as well as our own private world. English also teaches you to communicate and process things more accurately. If we did not have a set of English language, communication would be extremely difficult.
The main reason to study English is to be educated and literate. In order to advance in the professional world, you must have proper English and good speech. In order to obtain a good career advancement as well as respect from your peers you have to be literate and well educated. Additional reason for studying English is for communication. You are much more accepted in the world if you portray yourself better. People will think of you in a better way and you will have a better chance of being accepted. You will most likely also have more opportunities in life.