Our Project's Idea

Learning Circle Group: High School Students (Grade 10 to 12)

Sponsoring Teacher: Fatma Rashed AL Maamari

Sponsor School: Atika for Basic Education School

City: Saham

Country: Oman

Name of Project:Why English is important for you?

Goal of project: we would love to know the importance of English Language in your countries?

Type of writing: Narrative, notes, opinions.

Description of what your looking from other schools: in fact, we are designing a magazine about (Why English is important for them?) in purpose of identifying the importance of English for different students. Getting their reasons and put it up to see the diversity of using English. We have already put our ideas and reasons towards that because we are working on it since November 2009. However this project provides us with a great opportunity to share our work with you all and know the importance of English from different parts of the world to be added in our magazine that will be international one including your work.

So plz feel free to ask, participate, share, draw, and even send a word to our magazine.

Some questions to be answered;

1-     Is English the main language in your country?

2-     Do you use English at school only?

3-     How often do you use English during the day?

4-     What kind of English do you have?

5-     Where do you use English more?

6-     When did you start using English?

7-     What are the difficulties you face while learning English?

8-     Do you have private institutions for learning English? Examples if Yes.

9-     Does your family encourage you to use it? Why? Why not?

10-Why English is important for you?

Detailed Instructions For Collecting Information:Could you please put your idea towards the project through the questions and then write your paragraph, opinions or notice about the importance of English. Finally, end your work with your name; you school name and your country.
Ideal Number Of Submissions From Each School:we are looking for your students' ideas and work at least two from each class so we can identify the diversity of the importance of English from one level to other.
Preferred Length of Articles:one paragraph or short notes answering the questions with personal opinion.


Fatma AL Maamari